2019 Mixed Competitions

Mixed Triples

Ties to be played on Sunday, 24th March at 12pm

H Stoddart ,B Stoddart, ? 

K Tumblety, L Nicholson, T Abernethy

A Wilson, M Cook, D Wilson


A McNair, D Baillo, D McNair

S Allan, J McDermott, J Hogg


 N Thomson, F Griggs, M Griggs

S Milne, M Brown, J Milne

W McLeod, J Bell, E Hogg

Mixed Pairs

Ties to be played on Sunday, 3rd March at 2pm

J Campbell & E Campbell

S Allan & J McDermott

G Duff & A Harley

A McNair & D McNair

H Stoddart & P O'Donnell 

M Griggs & F Griggs

Ties to be played on Sunday, 17th March at 12pm

I Johnston & J Johnston 

E Campbell or J McDermott

R Stevens & C Bentley 

A Anderson & S Wilson

S Milne & J Milne 

C Laurenson & B Little

A Wilson & D Wilson 

M Dickson & L Nicholson

Ties to be played on Sunday, 17th March at 2pm

B Eaton & M Cook 

A Harley or D McNair

W McLeod & E Hogg 

C Falconer & A Hogg

A Robertson & C Downie


A McKenzie & J Cowan

P O'Donnell or F Griggs


E Donnelly & J Thomson

Mixed Fours

Ties to be played Saturday, 23rd February at 12pm

D McNair, D Baillo, A McNair & A Robertson

J Milne, M Old, M Brown & S Milne

C Crawford, L Nicholson, M Tumblety & M Dickson

T Ramsey, M Griggs, F Griggs & N Thomson

J Thomson, E Hogg, F Miller & E Donnelly

D Wilson, M Cook, A Wilson & J Traynor

J Cowan, A Hogg, C Falconer &D Crawford

J McDermott, M McIntosh, E Anderson & S Allan 





Bainfield v Wardie

Merchiston BC - Thursday, 8th August 


Bainfield v Ferranti

Seafield BC - Thursday, 15th August 


Bainfield v Willowbrae

Seafield BC - Thursday, 15th August


Bainfield v London Road Foundry

Seafield BC - Thursday, 15th August

Scottish League Fixtures

East - Division 1

No upcoming events.

Annie McAlpine Invitation Trophy

2018 Winners


Mary Price (Sighthill), Heather Shaw (Banfield), Hilda Melrose (Sighthill)

2018 Runners Up


Theresa Blair (Corstorphine), Anna Anderson (Bainfield), Jeanette Crawford (Coltbridge)