team selection - League play off


Bainfield v Prestwick

Location - Falkirk IBC 

Game Details - Sunday, 23rd February @ 2pm

Team Manager, Paul O'Donnell has picked the following team to play Prestwick for the right to play in the Premier division for the 2020/21 season.  

Andrew Jamieson (Lead), Craig Aitken, John McDermott & James Hogg (Captain)

Euan Gray (Lead), Stephen Pringle, Craig Paterson & Paul O'Donnell (Skip)

Davy McNair (Lead), Brian Stoddart, Kevin Tennant & Steven Pilley (Skip)

Robert Sloan (Lead), Tam Ebbs, Mark McIntosh & Alan Brown (Skip) 

Reserves - John Milne, John Kidd, Mark Walker &  Graham Angus


2019 outdoor honours board

Knockout Competitions

Gents Singles


Kevin Tennant

Kevin Tennant 21 - 17 Steven Pilley

Four Bowl Pairs


Mark McIntosh & Alan Brown

Scottish 4's


Mark McIntosh, Barry Hill, Graeme McIntosh & Alan Brown          

Gents Triples

Ties to be played Sunday, 7th April at 12pm


M McIntosh, J McDermott & J Hogg


C Downie, E Craig & R Marshall  

A Sharp, S Brown & S Ritchie


D McNair, K Tennant & S Pilley

Gents 2-Bowl Pairs


Mike Sutherland & Brian Stoddart 

Scottish U25 Singles

Ties to be played on Wednesday, 20th February at 8:30pm

J Purvis v S McArthur

M Walker v G Walker

C Paxton v J Ronaldson

C Tennant v C Munro

Ties to be played on Thursday, 28th February at 8:30pm

M McIntosh v J Barr

S Moodie v M Carlisle

C MacIntosh v L Corbett

R Ironside v A Jamieson