Knockout Competitions

Gents Singles

Ties to be played on Tuesday, 26th March at 6:30pm

Steven Pilley v Paul Millar

Cameron Tennant v Graeme McIntosh

John Milne v Kevin Tennant

John McDermott v Chris Downie

Ties to be played on Tuesday, 26th March at 8:30pm

Euan Craig v Chris Crawford

Jamie Smith v Chris Tregoning 

Paul O'Donnell v C Munro

Peter Stewart v Steven Pringle

Four Bowl Pairs

Ties to be played on Friday, 8th March at 6:30pm

D McNair & B Stoddart


R White & J Hogg

M McIntosh & A Brown


J Douglas & A Brock

B Campbell & C Tregoning


I Pilley & S Pilley

C Paterson & P O'Donnell


S Ritchie & A Sharp

Scottish 4's

Ties to be played on Tuesday, 4th March @ 6:30pm

J Barr, I Scougall, J Newall @ A Cameron


M Sutherland, P Millar, B Stoddart @ J Hogg

J Kidd, T Ebbs, F O'Reilly @ J Hutchison


D McNair, J Douglas, A Brock @ S Pilley

C McIntosh, E Craig, C Downie @ J McDermott


G Harrison, G Angus, D Scott @ I Miller

S McArthur, C Paxton, A Jamieson @ R Ewing


A Brown, B Hill, M McIntosh @ G McIntosh  

Gents Triples

Ties to be played Monday, 18th March at 6:30pm

J Cowan, A Brock & S Wilson


J Milne or J Hogg

C Tregoning or C Downie

P Nicolson, I Burns & M Hewitt

C Fairly, C Scott & M Gardner

S Ritchie or S Rennie

D Gormley, C Paterson & P O'Donnell

D McNair, K Tennant & S Pilley


Gents 2-Bowl Pairs

Ties to be played Monday, 25th February at 8:30pm

 I Pilley / S Pilley v A Brown / B Hill

I Burns / M Hewitt v G Harrison / I Miller

T Ebbs or J Hogg v S Wilson or J Milne

S Brown or J Kidd v C Tregoning or C Hay 

Ties to be played on Monday, 25th February at 6:30pm

B Combe or P O'Donnell v C Downie / J McDermott

D Carlisle / C Jamieson v J Cowan or B Stoddart

G McIntosh or J Thomson v C Scott or B Little

A Walker or P Thomson v J Douglas / A Brock 

Ties to be played Monday, 28th January at 6:30pm

T Ebbs v S Rennie

S Wilson v J Milne

S Brown v J Kidd

Ties to be played Monday, 28th January at 8:30pm

C Tregoning v C Hay

G McIntosh v J Thomson

C Scott v B Little

G Walker v P Thomson

J Douglas / A Brock (BYE)

Scottish U25 Singles

Ties to be played on Wednesday, 20th February at 8:30pm

J Purvis v S McArthur

M Walker v G Walker

C Paxton v J Ronaldson

C Tennant v C Munro

Ties to be played on Thursday, 28th February at 8:30pm

M McIntosh v J Barr

S Moodie v M Carlisle

C MacIntosh v L Corbett

R Ironside v A Jamieson




Bainfield v Tanfield

Dudley BC - Thursday, 1st August 


Bainfield v Parkside

Goldenacre BC - Thursday, 8th August


Bainfield v Carrick Knowe

Currie BC - Thursday, 8th August


Bainfield v Dean

Colinton BC - Thursday, 8th August

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